Happy New Year – 2016

Happy New Year, friends!  I thought I’d share some recent photos from the past week or so.  Winter has been slowly trying to arrive in the Northland.  Inland there is plenty of snow for skiing and some snowmobiling and the ski hill at Lutsen is open with a brand new gondola servicing Moose Mountain.  The lakes are frozen, though not where they should be for this time of year.  It was 33 degrees this morning by the shore and rain/snow mix all day.  It does not feel like January!  I have had some oportunity to capture some fun scenes and photos that I haven’t shared on Facebook so here are some recent ones.  Hope everyone is having a great start to the New Year.

These first photos were taken on New Year’s Eve Day at a jobsite I have been working at.  The shore was coated with spray from big waves when the temps were colder and the winds were right.  Amazing ice…

Ice coated cedar on The Shore…
Ice curtains…
Natural ice sculptures…
12/31/2015 – Croftville Ice

New Year’s Eve was pretty great too.  After an early NYE party with family, I planned to go see the fireworks at Lutsen Mountains.  On my way up Highway 61 I noticed some great northern lights through a hole in the clouds.  I knew we had mostly thick clouds forecast, so I hadn’t planned on aurora.  I was able to get the camera and get to a spot for about five photos before the clouds closed up and the sky went dark with clouds.  The skies started clearing later and the lights were very faintly visible over the course of the evening.  I never made it out to the fireworks!  Here are a couple of the northern lights over the Temperance River along the Sawbill Trail near Tofte…

New Year’s Eve Aurora!!!! 12/31/2015
Temperance River and the northern lights – New Year’s Eve 2015

These last few are random photos from the past week or so.  Nice waves in Grand Marais, MN and some friends that hang out in my trees.

Southwest winds and big rollers crashing into the breakwall at Grand Marais, MN this week.
Chattering squirrel in my tree…
Chickadee catching a snowflake? 🙂
One of the many that regularly drop in for a bite to eat…
Blue jay jumping

Thanks for taking the time to check out this post.  I appreciate all the support, print purchases, new followers and feedback on Facebook and here.  Check back for updates and Photos Of The Week(link on the sidebar)  Stay warm, friends.

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