The Emergence of Spring

More and more signs of spring are appearing daily in the northwoods.  We have had some great spring weather and the rivers are free from winters icy grip and flowing free to Lake Superior.  The inland lakes are still melting and we have had recent rain.  The waterfalls are fantastic right now for spring viewing!  The woods are almost free of snow in our area, though some pockets of good snow cover still exist in some areas.  Just over a week ago I saw minus 17 one morning…  The coming of spring has brought out the wildlife in force, too.  In the past month I have seen many grouse, both roughed and spruce.  Pine marten and fisher, a few of both.  The robins, flickers, geese and ducks are all back on the roadways and open waters.  Signs of wolves on the roads have also been observed.  I had one brief sighting and i’ll include a photo below.  And the moose!  The moose seem to have reappeared after being fairly scarce the past few winter months.  Nice to see things coming “alive” in the forest.
Things will be greening up soon, flowers blooming, boats on the lakes, fish on the stringer and before we know it, we’ll be cooling our way into fall, wondering where spring and summer went.  Get out often and enjoy the seasons as they come and go.
Here are photos from the past few weeks as winter let go…

Bull moose skirting a creek edge in Superior National Forest. I’ve noticed a lot of moose activity in the form of tracks, scat and a couple sightings!
One of many spruce grouse finding gravel on the roadway… Superior National Forest


One of many spruce grouse finding gravel on the roadway… Superior National Forest


Just a small poke of antler coming up on this bull moose this week.
Like I said, the waterfalls right now… Caribou Falls on the Caribou river. I have a previous blog post about this river.


Canadian geese – Spring arrivals at Grand Marais harbor.


Bald Eagle at the Baker Lake entry point to the BWCA last weekend. Some open water and waterfoul had his attention…
Just after ice-out on this little beaver pond.  Already out and working on the lodge…
Another look at a beauty moose this week in Superior National Forest.


Thank you all for taking a look at some spring scenes from the past couple weeks.  I’ll update y’all next month.  In the meantime, you can find weekly photos on Facebook and prints and other photos to view HERE.  Take care, and Happy Spring!

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