Caribou Falls on a July morning – 7/19/2014

The hike to Caribou Falls on the Caribou River is a fairly short and easy walk in the woods.  The stairs may be the only area that may deter some, but without them the climb down to the base of the falls would be dicey.  This is an awesome hike any time of year, but winter may be my favorite.  In the winter months we walk right up the frozen river on snowshoes or Sorels.  Find the time to do this short, rewarding hike on your next trip to the North Shore.
Until next time…  Tom

The half mile(one way) trail starts along the river just off Highway 61 at the parking area near the county line between Silver Bay and Schroeder.
The Caribou River and the unique color of the river bottom…
A solid, long staircase takes you from the ridge down to the base of Caribou Falls.
Playing with a new camera (nikon AW120) that I can take underwater 🙂
The falls and river – great area for a little picnic….
Another fine falls view at Caribou Falls.
This old cedar tree is pretty amazing the way it clings to the riverbank and weathers through the rise and fall of the river…

Aurora and Rainbows

20140607-_MG_026920140612-_MG_010220140612-_MG_009520140608-_MG_0320Rainbow Watch

We’ve had some great skies in the past week.  Northern Lights last weekend, and rainbows and Lightning this week.  I was able to catch some Rainbow action and about 4 hours with the northern lights along the Sawbill Trail here in Tofte, MN.

I traded in my dial-up internet connection for high-speed broadband, thanks to a county wide initiative to bring broadband to Cook County.  It’s a treat, and I have a lot to learn and catch up on.  Bookmark this page, and I’ll try to keep you updated with photos and notes about my experiences along The Shore.